Joint Interoperability Test Command


Unified Capabilities (UC) Approved Products List (APL)
The Joint Interoperability Test Command (an organizational element of the Defense Information Systems Agency, Test & Evaluation Directorate) has responsibility for certifying joint and combined interoperability of all DOD IT and NSS. JITC facilities are strategically located at Fort Huachuca, Arizona and Indian Head, Maryland. The diverse capabilities and resources associated with each respective location allow the armed services to have access to a dynamic environment for laboratory tests and on-site field evaluations.





The Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) follows the processes outlined in Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction 6212.01, Interoperability and Supportability of Information Technology and National Security Systems, to perform their joint interoperability test and certification mission. This document establishes policies and procedures for developing, coordinating, reviewing, and approving IT and NSS interoperability needs. It also establishes procedures for performing interoperability test certification using a new Net-Ready approach.


  • 确定(互操作性)要求
  • 制定认证方法(规划)
  • 执行互操作性评估
  • 报告认证和状态

以下是统一功能 (UC) 批准产品列表 (APL) 上的一般数据通信产品。认证过程由国防信息系统局 (DISA) 统一能力连接办公室 (UCCO) 负责。

DISA Memorandum of Approval for GDC Xedge 6000 Multiservice Packet Exchange (MSPx)

pdfDISA Memorandum of Approval for GDC Xedge

Xedge MSPx 平台

Forward-looking network planners not only support new and legacy services, but are also migrating towards transport technologies such as MPLS that converge Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching of any-to-any services. GDCs MultiService Packet Exchange platform (MSPx) can interconnect remote enterprise sites with emerging Ethernet/IP and legacy services across an MPLS, MPLS, Ethernet, IP, VLAN, MLPS or ATM WAN.

Xedge 6000

MSPx enables Metro Ethernet Forum compliant Ethernet services on the same cost-effective and reliable platform that offers native services such as TDM, Frame Relay, IP and ATM. This convergence allows graceful, incremental migration and mediation between legacy circuits and new packet-based services. Users can access a rich variety of standards-compliant service modules and interfaces with advanced packet technology that reliably and securely satisfies user demand for quality of service.

  • 支持符合城域以太网论坛的以太网服务。
  • 通过 MPLS、IP、以太网、VLAN 或 ATM 提供电路仿真服务。
  • 支持传统 TDM、IP 和 ATM 以及以太网服务的伪线仿真 (PWE)。
  • 用于确定服务和带宽管理的优先级的 QoS。
  • 带 OSPF、BGP、L2TP、UDP 的千兆路由。
  • 简化网络管理、预配管理器 (SPM),GDC ProSphere NMS 的应用。

At the heart of the MSPx platform is the Packet Cell Switch (PCx), Packet Circuit Emulation (PCE), and other modules facilitating multiservice convergence. PCx enables Metro Ethernet Forum compliant E-Line services over an MPLS, Ethernet, IP, VLAN, MLPS or ATM backbone. It also supports transport of legacy TDM, ATM,IP, VLAN and Ethernet service packets using pseudowires. A variety plug-in interfaces also support diverse services.

Xedge PCx

GDC's Xedge Packet Circuit Emulation (PCe) is designed for networks transitioning to a packet-based infrastructure while maintaining real-time legacy TDM applications and services. For mobile networks, satellite communications, and mission critical, fixed wide area networks, Xedge PCe minimizes OPEX and CAPEX by leveraging capabilities in products that converge Ethernet based services with time critical TDM services across a packet switched wide area network (WAN). The PCes powerful timing recovery allows delay-sensitive, bit-transparent TDM data to be transported efficiently through a packet core.


The bottom line is GDC's strategic product vision is to provide standards-based technology that yields maximum return on investment over the life cycle of ownership. Using emerging technologies such as Pseudowires, GDC can deliver true convergence of multiple services on the WAN.



pdf Multiservice Packet Xchange for Converged Networks

pdf Xedge Packet Cell Switch - PCx - Overview

pdf Packet Cell Switch - PCx

pdf Xedge Packet Circuit Emulation - PCe

pdfXedge Circuit Emulation Module - CE

pdf IP Services Gateway - ISG2

pdfXedge Node Timing Module - NTM

pdfXedge Switch Fabric

pdfXedge Adaptive Serial I/O LIM - ASIO

pdfXedge OC-n / STM-n LIM

pdfXedge DSX1-IMA T1 Line Interface Module for ATM inverse Multiplexing

pdfXedge E1-IMA Line Interface Module for ATM inverse Multiplexing

pdfXedge LCE-16 Line Interface Module

pdfXedge DS1-2CS-4CS Line Interface Module

pdfXedge E1-2CS/4CS Line Interface Modules

pdfXedge DS3-2C T3 Line Interface Module for Circuit Emulation with Enhanced Clocking

pdfXedge E3-2C E3 Line Interface Module for Circuit Emulation with Enhanced Clocking

pdfXedge Voice Service Module

pdfXedge 6002 Compact Xedge Chassis 1RU

pdfXedge 6160 5-Slot Chassis

pdfXedge 6280 10-Slot Chassis

pdfXedge 664X 16-Slot Chassis

pdfXedge Chassis System Power/Management

pdfProSphere Network Management Suite For Xedge MultiService Networks